• What about a Better Way
    to Raise Children?

Raising Christian Children

Simple, Effective Principles to Help Parents With Raising Godly Children

Against the Grain

Dr. Michele White, PhD LLP LLPC, offers deeply helpful insights on dozens of "raising Christian children" principles that are supported by Scripture – and she does so in a highly-engaging manner that resonates with those who are raising children or grandchildren.

Parenting is not easy. We all strive to be the best parents that we can. When babies are born, they do not come with an instruction manual. We are left to figure out the best we can how to raise children with a purpose.

The best success stories are birthed from strong faith. Once you stop fighting God and submit to His will and authority, raising Christian children becomes easier...


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Dr. Michele White

is a Christ Focused Parent, Author, Speaker, Counselor and Psychologist. She is excited to share her new book, and practical life lessons from everyday life with you. Michele and her husband have been married for over 23 years and have been blessed with 5 amazing children ranging in age from 8 to 19. "I do not have every single answer 19 years and five children later", she says. "What I do have is a strong love for the Lord and desire to obey His calling to raise Godly children...."


"I love Dr. White’s book because it is a lifetime reference book for my husband and I. I have read it from cover to cover, but I keep a copy handy all the time. Each chapter is an in-depth exploration of a particular parenting concept. I can pick it up whenever I need help on a given topic, turn to that chapter and quickly get the advice I need."

"It's encouraging to read of a Dr. who does not only rely on statistics, and numbers, but a real faith in Jesus and his word to make sense of how to raise children in todays world. My husband and I would highly recommend this book to anyone with kids or those planning on having them... TWO THUMBS UP! ."

"I not only read the book, I was actually in one of Dr. White's conferences where she talked about and explained the book. I've never heard the biblical family life style explained so well and simplistically. It explains raising children God's way and made me even more determined not to settle for the worlds way of raising my family!"

Dr. Michele Speaks

Dr. Michele White welcomes the opportunity to speak to your group about the biblical parenting principles she covers in her new book. She has traveled the country as a presenter for various organizations, and is frequently sought after locally to speak on various topics pertaining to marriage and family. Dr. White also currently holds a Lecturer position at Wayne State University.


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