Biblical Parenting

Dr. Michele White, PhD, LLP, LLPC

My name is Dr. Michele White. I am a Christ Focused Parent, Author and Speaker on biblical parenting, Counselor and Psychologist. As of May 2018, my husband and I will have been married 25 years. We have been blessed with 5 amazing children, one of whom is now an adult. Let me stop for a moment and add that I do not have every single answer after 20+ years of raising children. What I do have is a strong love for the Lord and desire to obey His calling to raised Christ Focused children. I am excited to share what He has shown me about biblical parenting during my journey as a mother.

I am the first to admit that we are not a perfect family. We have the tantrums. We have the fights. We have the disobedience. We have all of the things that make parents drop to their knees in prayer. We have decided to go against the grain. This terminology, “against the grain,” is a very fascinating one to me. I heard this terminology once in a sermon at my church. The pastor talked about Christians needing to have the mentality of going against what the world says is acceptable and choosing a path that is totally different. Therefore, come back and visit my site again, stay with my blogs and venture to go Against the Grain!!!

Biblical Parenting Expert Dr Michele White, PhD, LLP, LLPC

My goal

is to share encouragement as a mother of five, biblical knowledge as a Christian, and clinical insight as a professional dealing with behavioral issues.