Against the Grain Bible Study

Parenting is an amazing journey. God allows us to see the fruits of our labor daily in the lives of our children, as we yield to Him. Our parenting Bible study is designed to help with raising Christian children.

Pouring Biblical wisdom into your children yields a lifetime of benefits. Dr. White is excited to offer another valuable resource that will equip you as a parent with the tools you need for raising Godly children.

Parenting Bible study raising Godly children parenting bible study Parenting Bible Study Parenting Bible study raising Godly childrenThis 8-week Parenting Bible study will take you on a journey of self-exploration and discovery. You will learn new things about your parenting style and how to align your parenting style with God’s will.

This parenting Bible study can be done individually or in small groups. You can sign up here to start receiving this valuable resource today. Each week, new Bible Study content will be delivered to your email for 8 weeks.

If you prefer to have the entire 8-week study at once in spiral bound journal, you can order your copy at a very low cost by clicking here.

With your copy of Dr. White’s book and a journal in hand (included in the Spiral Bound edition), it is very easy to start this Bible Study for raising children. Here is a sample:

Chapter A: Affirmation

Use your journal to record the answers to each of the questions. Do not rush through the questions. Allow God to guide you through this journey of self-exploration. Seek Him in prayer after each question.

1. Start with Prayer. Ask God to prepare your heart and mind to be receptive to where He leads and guides you as a parent during this study.

2. Read Chapter A

3. Read Ephesians 4:29. What does God’s Word say about affirmation?

4. Do you remember a time in your life when you were affirmed? How did you feel? What was significant about that time?

5. If you did remember a time in your life when you were affirmed, what impact did it have on you as an adult today?

6. If you did not remember a time in your life when you were affirmed, what impact does that have on you as an adult today?

7. If you affirmed your child today, what impact could it have today, tomorrow, and in the future?

8. Read Alphabet soup. Implement one strategy.

9. End with Prayer. Ask God to help you affirm your child daily as they walk with Him.