Raising Godly Children

Against the Grain

Dr. Michele White, PhD, LLP, LPC, offers deeply helpful insights on dozens of parenting principles that are supported by Scripture – and she does so in a highly-engaging manner that resonates with those who are raising Godly children or grandchildren.

“Parenting is not easy. We all strive to be the best parents that we can. When babies are born, they do not come with an instruction manual. We are left to figure out the best we can, how to raise children with a purpose.

“Over more than 20 years of being a parent, psychologist, and counselor, I have seen many parents struggle with raising children. The best success stories, including mine, are birthed from my strong faith. Once I stopped fighting God and submitted to His will and authority, parenting became easier. I did not say easy, but easier, as I walked closely with God and listened to His voice.

“I realized that these children were God’s children and my responsibility was to fix their focus on Christ. This book delves into the heart of raising Godly children.”

Why should you read this book?

“It’s different than most that you will find. I am a counselor and behavioral psychologist who loves being the mother of five children. My goal is to share encouragement as a mother of five, biblical knowledge as a Christian, and clinical knowledge as a professional dealing with behavioral issues.

“The format of the book is quite simple. My desire is to have a book that is timeless. Each letter of the alphabet delineates every chapter. The book can be read from A to Z, or in any given order depending upon the life stage that you may be in with your children. By timeless, I mean that you can re-read a chapter based on your current life stage.

“Every chapter will have a very similar format. I will start with a scripture that will relate to the subject matter of the chapter. I will examine the principle or concept based on a world perspective. Then, by infusing encouragement as a mother, biblical understanding, and professional knowledge, I will connect the pieces to produce a practical application.

“Then at the end of every chapter you will have a takeaway that will give you specific instructions on how to implement the principle within your home. Have you ever enjoyed making words out of alphabet soup? Each letter links together and becomes your story. As you read each chapter, the concepts will link together and create your family story. Therefore, the takeaway section at the end of each chapter will be labeled alphabet soup.”

“Dr. White possesses the ability to be authoritative, yet caring. She was able to help me gain the courage I needed to stop enabling my son’s drug use without minimizing my concern as a mother whose child was spiraling out of control. She was able to guide me to scriptures that were both comforting and faith strengthening. I will always be grateful for her help during such a difficult time in my life.”


Dr. Michele White is a Christ Focused Parent, Author, Speaker, Counselor and Psychologist. She is excited to share her new book, and practical life lessons from everyday life with you.

Her goal is to share encouragement as a mother of five, biblical knowledge as a Christian, and clinical insight as a professional dealing with behavioral issues.

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