Does TV influence your child  Does TV influence your child? 15155181 sI’d like you, for a moment, to take a survey in your mind of all of the children’s television shows that are on the air currently. Walk with me through the themes. Most of the themes revolve around the child being the main character as opposed to the family. The child is usually very intelligent and usually helps solve all of the family dilemmas based on their own antics. In addition, when it comes time for the parents to have lines in the movie or television show, their lines resemble that of an unintelligent person as opposed to that of an intelligent parent. It is only because these shows are comedic in nature, and in order for the laugh track to be at its finest, the parents have to be at their dumbest.

Please don’t misunderstand, not every single show on television is this way. However, the vast majority of television shows have started to go this way because of their increasing popularity. Many of my friends will tell me that they allow their kids to watch them because there is no profanity, it’s a cute content, and there is nothing else on television to watch.

As I have these dialogues with my friends, I encourage them to think about the content and then the relationship that they have with their own child. If your child has images being placed in their head every single day that they are smarter than you, then the way that they relate to you changes.

Take a moment and evaluate what your children are watching and make the necessary changes. God is honored by your obedience to raise Godly children.