Dr. White’s Weekly Podcasts

There are two weekly podcasts; the first is, “Growing Together in Christ” and we would love it if you joined Dr. Michele White as she provides weekly encouragement for her audience to Grow Together in Christ. Various topics are covered based on Dr. White’s experiences.

Dr. White provides these conversations in audio and visual formats to reach others for Christ. You can find the visual formats on Dr. White’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

The second podcast is, “Against the Grain Parenting” where Dr. Michele White discusses parenting from a Christian perspective. She hopes you will respond to the topics via her social media, so just search Dr. Michele White (that’s Michele with one “L”). Feel free to send her questions as well.

Guests will also be a part of the podcast; they will speak on chapters of Dr. White’s book, “Against the Grain: Raising Christ-focused Children from A to Z” and other parenting topics. We look forward to having you join the discussion of Christian parenting.

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Dr. Michele White is a Christ Focused Parent, Author, Speaker, Counselor and Psychologist. She is excited to share her new book, and practical life lessons from everyday life with you.

Her goal is to share encouragement as a mother of five, biblical knowledge as a Christian, and clinical insight as a professional dealing with behavioral issues.

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