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P.R.A.Y. Before You Eat!

Pursue Rightly And Yield in God’s Word

Join Dr. White on an incredible journey through her latest Bible Study workbook, a labor of love meticulously developed since 2020. Life’s unexpected twists guided her toward God’s purpose amidst the chaos of a global pandemic, political unrest, and personal milestones like the birth of a grandchild and the loss of both parents. In these moments, Dr. White found comfort and answers within the powerful words of God’s Scripture.

Now, in this workbook, she warmly extends an invitation to you to pick up your spoon and skim the hot surface of God’s Word. She then will encourage you to grab your knife and rightly cut into the Word of God accurately. Finally, she will then lead you to your fork. It is here that you will digest the word of God and apply it your life.

This isn’t just a book; it’s a personal guide to navigating the complexities of life through God’s Word. It’s a journey of revelation and connection – a heartfelt “Hallelujah” awaits.

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P.R.A.Y. Before You Eat Journal

This is the accompanying journal to Dr. Michele White’s newest Bible Study workbook, P.R.A.Y. Before You Eat A Bible Study Workbook.

In her book, Dr. White encourages you to use a Spoon, Fork, and Knife method to study the Bible. Use this journal to study multiple books of the Bible. And if you have pages left over, use this as a place to jot down your thoughts, prayers, and new discoveries.


You’ll Love This!

Raising Christ-Focused Children from A to Z

Parenting can be tough. We can use every bit of encouragement we can get! Dr. Michele White takes a different path than most in navigating parenting challenges. Drawing on her experience as a counselor, behavioral psychologist and mother of five, she’s created an A-Z guide to timeless parenting wisdom. Using Scripture, counseling wisdom, and practical experience, Dr. White gives you a resource you can revisit at each stage of your parenting journey to implement in your home with your kids. “There is so much laughter within our home,” Dr. White writes. “It is my joy to share our journeys with you.”

"Dr. Michele White is a phenomenal speaker, Bible teacher, writer, and unashamed Christian!"

“She loves God and His Word so much that it oozes from her. Michele’s excitement about the God of the Word and the Word of God is obvious to all who hear her. She is a Bible nerd who communicates sensibly to beginners and the learned alike. Dr White’s books are no exception. Humility, integrity, with winsome illustrations will draw you in as you are encouraged by this dynamic speaker.”

Mary Smith,
Bible Teacher, author of Removing the Dirt in the Church

"If you are interested in studying Scripture and diving deep, P.R.A.Y. Before You Eat is for you!"

If you are interested in studying Scripture and diving deep, this is for you! This book truly sets the table for a feast in The Word. While emphasizing the necessity of proper context along with the importance of a healthy appetite of seeking Truth, the author empowers the reader to go on a journey of studying The Word while keeping The Messiah at the center.

The author truly empowers the reader with tools to answer thought provoking questions. The goal of the book is not for the reader to rely on the author, not for the reader to rely on a pastor or group, and not even for the reader to rely on religion. But this book is a reusable resource for the Believer that is interested in growing in their relationship with The Most High by acquiring tools that help empower one to pursue rightly and yield.

Alexia M.
Amazon Review