Transform your next event with an engaging Christian speaker, passionate about weaving faith, wisdom, and psychological insights all together.

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Immerse yourself in biblical accuracy, discover the profound impact of biblical context, and learn the art of cultivating a daily rhythm in God’s word. In a world marked by fallenness, gain the tools to perceive it through a biblical lens, all while learning how to manage your emotions. Let me guide you in connecting the dots between faith and emotions and navigating our fallen world—it’s a connected journey!

I invite you to explore a diverse array of compelling and spiritually enriching topics tailored for your event.

My carefully curated topics cover a broad spectrum of themes, from deepening one’s faith and understanding biblical teachings to addressing contemporary challenges with a Christian perspective. Whether you seek messages of hope, encouragement, or guidance, my topics aim to inspire and uplift audiences of all ages. I bring a wealth of knowledge and a heartfelt passion for sharing the transformative power of faith.

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“God’s Word is the source of Truth and direction for your life; not your feelings, circumstances, or opinions.” – Dr. Michele White

Speaking Appearances

STEM Speaker for Youth Conference
D6 Conference
Baptist State Women’s Convention Conference
Baptist State Women’s Conference
CBC Women’s Day Speaker for Church of Alma
Middlebelt Baptist Church Youth Retreat
D6 Conference
Middlebelt Baptist Church Women’s Retreat
A5 Women’s Conference 
CBC Women’s Day Speaker for Church of Alma
D6 Conference Main Stage Speaker

Watch My Main Stage Talk at the 2024 D6 Family Ministry Conference

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